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Finally trying to make to make things available, for those that want them. Thanks.

  I have always been excited, and intrigued by printing, and the different processes in which things get reproduced. From a fairly early age: 12 - I was obsessed with self publishing skate zines, and punk zines. Two of my biggest interests at the time. I traded and mailed my zines to people all over the world back then.  Many of my friends that I met through publishing a zine- are still friends to this day strangely.  Art would become the next outlet I needed to publish, and begun to do that as well.    

  Nowadays I would say that my fascination with print reaches into many other fascets too, but there is still just that excitement about seeing your work reproduced, and replicated for others. Sharing ideas has always been important to me, and making zines, shirts, stickers, skateboard graphics, record covers, talking and just doing art in general has allowed me to feel that is being done.

  I have met many others along this path, and feel grateful for their influence, support, and feedback. I am glad that Print has not died, and am sure with the surge of recent self publishing energy, and creativity that it will be around for a long time luckily.  

  Anyhow, I hope making this shop will help encourage others to make things, and do something to get their ideas out there, rather waiting for someone else to do it for them.  Life seems to be what you make of it, but it can also be what you actually do make too. Thanks so much for reading this , and for checking out this site.Check it out often as i will be updating new work as it sells, and constantly make new zines. There are plans for some limited run T-shirts too fairly soon, i think. Please take good care. Go easy. - Rich Jacobs